Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday: Tsarina

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J. Nelle Patrick
Releasing February 27 2014

Natalya knows a secret.
A magical Faberge egg glows within the walls of Russia's Winter Palace.

It holds a power rooted in the land and stolen from the mystics.

A power that promises a life of love for her and Alexei Romanov.

Power, that, in the right hands, can save her way of life.

But it's not in the right hands.

I'm of two minds on this release date: It's January, so February is around the corner - but it's January, so we have the rest of the month and most of February to go through. Ah, the angst of waiting for a book to release.

In any case, I've probably mentioned my middle-school obsession with the Romanovs. I was particularly enthralled by Princess Anastasia. She was a girl my age (at the time, of course), who took selfies, adored her family and could be stubborn. And of course, what girl doesn't like the magic of a real life princess?

Well, this story isn't centered around Anastasia, but - magic! Mystery! Faberge eggs! What more could a girl ask for? I certainly won't complain.

(And, uh, if you happen to have an ARC that you aren't using, please...keep me in mind. I will pay with gratitude and cookies.) 


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