Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Someone Needs a Shove Off Her Chair, or, Why I Am Not Working on My Novel Like I Should

This is an exercise I've heard lauded by many famous wielders of the pen - most recently Libba Bray, who wrote a long rambling post on her LiveJournal about exactly why she had writers' block and was avoiding her computer like the plague.

So *deep breath* here goes.

Why I haven't written for the past few days, or, if I have, not much more than a little spoonful of words into the pot here and there. First of all, I, the commitment-snatching masochist that I am, signed up for the LJ Icon Challenge Disney 100 - to make 100 icons off Disney's concept art, which is my new addiction to search for/gawk at for hours on end. I mean, who knew that they were going to make Aladdin a little kid at first, or that Eugene Flynn Rider was this big friendly giant named Bastian?

And this one is priceless:

...Yes, that's the Beast.

Doing an Irish jig.

It seems like I'm too easily distracted these days, and in the last third or so of the draft too. I've started voraciously reading again - a hobby I thought had disappointingly slipped away from me at the advent of high school - and right now am working steadily through First Test by Tamora Pierce, as well as that oh-so addictive manga series Fruits Basket.


There's just something about a smart-mouthed cat boy that makes my sides ache.

I need to write. I know I do. Maybe I'm getting tired of the dystopian genre - which has never been one of my favorites - and steampunk is calling to me, and it's beautiful outside and I want to go out and take a few rides on the swing in the fresh air, and there never seems to be enough time to get what I want out (even though it seems like I have endless time to browse through Tumblr).

And we don't have any tea left in the pantry.

I can't focus without my tea.

Maybe my problem is less of a writer's block and more of being hopelessly spoiled.


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