Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding Crashers!

...No, this discussion isn't about traditional wedding crashers. I'm talking more along the lines of that book you happen to slip into your purse just as you grab your heels and run for the car, that read you just can't put down even as the bride is walking down the aisle (though I'm sure that's a sin that's only forgiven when you're around five years old), or the paperback spread over your knees under the table at the reception.

Maybe I'm the only person who does this. Maybe I'm the only person who starts weeping when her mother informs her that her book wasn't on the guest list, and besides, isn't it more fun to count the beads on the bride's train? Maybe I'm the only one who conspires with her friend to smuggle in eReaders and trade stories underneath the dinner plates.

In either case, this is my open-ended challenge about wedding crashers. Have you ever partaken of this sinful pastime? Even if you've never smuggled in a book, maybe at some point or another, you found yourself longing for a book still sprawled on the counter-top at home. What book was it? Or, if even the idea of tainting the boring-ness of a reception makes you shudder, how about listing your favorite wedding books?


sarah said...

never toa wedding, but to other events, oh yes. A book or a notebook comes with me just about everywhere. I carry The Unbearable Lightness of Being lots of places that i think I might get nervous or uncomfortable. I've read it a few times and know it front to back. There's something calming about that <3

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