Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Carter, Ally: Uncommon Criminals (Heist Society, #2)

June 21, 2011
298 pages, Disney-Hyperion

"You're a smart girl, Katarina - too smart to take stupid chances. Better thieves than you have gone after that blasted stone, and they have paid."

Uncle Eddie stopped, and Kat could have sworn she saw his hand shake. His lips were a thin hard line when he whispered, "Great thieves have paid dearly."

Kat's voice was different when she said, "I know."

"We do not steal the Cleopatra, Katarina. It is..." Eddie trailed off, struggling for words.

"Cursed," Kat offered.

Eddie turned to her. He shook his head. "Forbidden."

Yes. I know I usually start out with the cut and dried blurb that the publishers so kindly provide on the inside flap of a book cover. But this day, my friends, calls for something different. This day, even as I dragged myself into the library after a grueling morning and plunked my card down and drummed my fingers against the wooden counter, was a red-letter day.

I promise that I didn't squeal when I held it in my hands. Well, maybe a little. Inwardly. It just feels like so many of my reads this year were...just not the type of book I needed to hit the spot.

And this is an author who always hits the right spot when it comes to girl power, sheer awesome action and the perfect quip in the face of a near-scrape with disaster. I was pretty sure that I would be savoring this for the rest of the week, but it's 10:03 now and I'm just nearing the last three chapters (I started around two-ish, I think, and had to stop and start around the usual errands). Ah well.

(My sister's heard this all day. Sorry, guys. It's your turn to endure my fangirling. Be happy I'm not pulling out the RPatz GIF again.)

Even though I was pretty sure that Heist Society was meant to stay a stand-alone, this sequel proved me wrong. For one thing, there is just as much Hale as the first one (thank you very much), and though I could've lived without a reappearance from Nick, yeah, he's in there too. I was a bit disappointed that we don't see the Bradshaw twins again until about 200 pages in, but believe me, you'll be too wrapped up in the drama to notice.

I don't want to spoil anything for you - do unto others as you would wish to be treated *halo flickers over head* - but let me just say: Kat. Meets. Her. Match.

Yes. It's the battle of the females, and (though I'm pretty sure who wins) I'm eagerly watching the back and forth action that's going on right now.

So, yeah, I think that pretty much sums it up.

1. Ally Carter is awesome.

2. Uncommon Criminals is one of the best releases of 2011.

3. More than enough Hale to go around.

Good night, America! I'm back to my book. *sinks nose back between pages*


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