Monday, October 24, 2011

In My (Crate) Mailbox {1}

Yeah, so you might be wondering what's going on with the whole "crate" thing. Well, I got a little tired of constantly having to pile up my books underneath my chair (because I don't usually bother with storage after I've finally unloaded the particular read I want and started...well, reading it) so I converted a Trader Joe's crate into a nifty little inbox for all my latest titles.

Cool, no?

marissa meyer. cinder.
already completed! see the (rave) review here.

from the local library.

 alison goodman. eona: the last dragoneye.
sequel to eon (which i still need to review) and it looks pretty awesome!

leigh fallon. carrier of the mark.
 first on the list (i love my librarians). i'm approaching this one with...i don't want to say a biased opinion, but i'm still a little perplexed with inkpop's seemingly double standards on picking an adult author from a site for teen writers. ah, well. she seems nice.

suzanne harper. the juliet club.
it looks very chick-flicky (ie. not my type of read) but a lot of my friends have recommended this, and i've been surprised so many times recently that why not?
maggie stiefvater. the scorpio races.
 you have no idea how long i've been waiting for this. <3 maggie stiefvater.

alyxandra harvey. haunting violet.
this looks awesome (though, as seems to be a trend with ms. harvey's books, the cover really creeps me out). i really like the whole fake medium aspect, though.
janet lee carey. dragon's keep.
recommended by a friend - and the cover is intriguing.
julie halpern. into the wild nerd yonder.
this looks cute. and i am lacking cute in my reads recently. also, i'm very proud of being a nerd. are you?

 via netgalley. 

lia habel. dearly, departed.
complete. i'll hold my tongue until the review, though.

robin bridges. the gathering storm (katerina trilogy, #1)
in progress.
jaclyn dolamore. between the sea and sky.
 i loved magic under stone, so i'm really eager to start this.

leanna renee hieber. darker still (magic most foul, #1)
this was my WoW a few months back. happy to finally get my hands on it.
I have a ton more on there, but I just gave the basic line-up of what I'm currently reading. What's In Your Mailbox this week?


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