Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors at My Thanksgiving Feast

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. It's like sitting in a waiting room with nothing more than a slip of paper and a pencil, and making a list of things about the receptionist's face that interests you - and then sharing it with every other poor, bored kid there and having them add on their observations. So, yeah, go join.

This week's list is authors you'd invite to your Thanksgiving feast. Whew. That would need to be a lot of food. Alright, so right off the cuff...

1. Maryrose Wood. She's awesome, I already know her, and she always has the right touch of wit and whimsy to liven up a dinner party. Especially when she starts howling. 

2. Maureen Johnson. Seriously? Who would not invite Maureen Johnson to a dinner party?! I mean, that's like the invitation move of a total social pariah. Really. (If you have no idea why you should want MJ to come to your Thanksgiving, just watch her on Twitter for an hour. Just an hour. You'll see.)

3. Ally Carter. For all I know, she'd probably come busting in the house with a guest party of retired CIA agents, ex-French war spies and a couple of random police officers wanting to know what the fuss is about. As long as she brings my Gallagher school application. I think it got lost in the mail.

4. Michelle Zink. She's sweet, and she seems like the type of person who would be the easy-going, "sit me next to anyone and we'll get along" guest that makes everything flow that much easier. (Another person you should follow on Twitter. She's awesome.)

5. Scott Westerfield. Because when you realize that there's a small fuzzy animal nibbling at the turkey, who's going to be able to identify it - and figure out the right way to duck as a giant whale ship comes crashing through the ceiling. Yep. You wish you were invited to my Thanksgiving bash.

6. Charlotte Bronte. ...No, she is not one of the undead. This is a hypothetical feast, right? So I can invite who I want. And I ADORE her. So she gets to come. You got a problem with that?

7. Lemony Snicket. But if you bring that horrible one-eyebrowed man along to poison the pumpkin pie like he did last year, I swear...

8. Victoria Schwab. She doesn't need an explanation. Or a written invitation.

9. Myra McEntire. Her bio says it all: she knows all the words to today's R&B songs. I mean, that's an awesome in-house concert right there!

10. Rick Riordan. If only to have someone to distract my little brother so that he doesn't complain about all the noise my little get-together is making. Well, I might be over there in the corner listening raptly to stories of Percy slaying things (well, after Annabeth saves him) and ugly Greek monsters - but hey, a hostess has got to sit and socialize with each of her guests, right?

Didn't get an invitation? It doesn't mean I love you any less. If you think I was mistaken and didn't add you on, please send me a Howler listing every single reason WHY you should have been on this list. Chances are you'll get to come merely because you have the ability to send a Howler. That's coolness right there.


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