Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How The Mailman Delivered Happiness...

This was my first year participating in The Broke and Bookish Winter Gift Exchange! I was a bit nervous as to how it would go (seeing as a) I don't celebrate Christmas and b) oooh, the mailman just pulled off without leaving anything in there! Travesty!) but it turns out all my worries/nail biting/compulsive glances upward at the sky to see if a certain sled was flying overhead...ahem...led to an incredible package from

Britney! (a.k.a. BookishBriti @ I Eat Words)

which contained the following goodness:

(Hardcover edition)


Hardcover edition...sorry the image is so small :(

and a gorgeous bookmark with "K" for...well...Kaye! (not shown because I couldn't get the camera to work for me today)

Thanks so much for the gifts, Britney! <3


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