Friday, September 28, 2012

Kaye's first Bloggiesta!

Bring out the pinata and the big, frosted cake, because I'm back!

Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, seeing as in a matter of weeks I'll be off on the road AGAIN - and this time, with hardly any Internet access, if any. I was a bit leery of signing up for Bloggiesta, seeing as a) there are a ton of AH-MAZING bloggers on the list who are all more organized/active/awesome than I have been recently, and b) I'm currently dividing study time with hectic errand-running, and c) I am having an acute case of "Don't wanna read anything"-itis and thus haven't read hardly anything worth mentioning on this blog.

If this has happened to you, you know how awful it is - and it is a particularly debilitating condition for a book blogger. Positive vibes, book recs and peppermint patties are always appreciated.

Anyway. I finally gave in and put my name down because it's only running until the 30th, and this would be a nice time to tidy up the blog and leave it in good condition until I finally am back on my feet. So cross your fingers for me and hang on, because here's my (perhaps a little too overenthusiastic) to-do list!

 B l o g g i e s t a  2012  G o a l s

Check that all reviews are cross-posted from blog to Amazon, GoodReads, Shelfari and LibraryThing

Create review archive (time-permitting)

Create a spreadsheet for titles still awaiting reviews (ARCs, finished copies, and the gazillion galleys from NetGalley and Edelweiss that really should get more attention)

Send out all remaining giveaway prizes that haven't been shipped yet (really, I am bad at this and I haven't been to the post office in ages, so if you never got a prize, now is the time to give me a holler!)

Schedule two Waiting on Wednesdays (this upcoming week and the next, before hiatus is enacted)

Schedule two Teaser Tuesdays and Top Ten Tuesdays (this upcoming week and the next, before hiatus is enacted)

Complete and review current book tour titles (Brides of Rollrock Island; Time Between Us) and ship out to respective owners

Review The Dark Unwinding on Monday (plus giveaway)

Schedule review for recent read on Thursday

Read and schedule review for The Diviners on following Monday (plus giveaway)

Here's hoping that I get at least half of this list worked out, and good luck to everyone else participating!


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