Friday, February 15, 2013

Twelve Days of Dualed! DAY ONE

Okay, so this post is way overdue. Blame my own characters, guys. It's hard to concentrate on another person's fictional world-building and drama when your own 'children' are duking it out in your head EVERY. SECOND. OF. THE. DAY.

Writing. It's not for the faint-hearted. Or people who are self-conscious about talking to themselves in public.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I am uber excited to be one of Random House's Ambuzzadors for Spring 2013, and especially psyched to be presenting Elsie Chapman's Dualed! I'm happy to consider Elsie an awesome friend and a talented writer, so you can bet I've been talking this one up as much as I can.

(If you're looking for when I first read and reviewed Dualed - and then tortured Elsie by withholding my reaction...good times - click here.)

That being said, we have twelve days left until Dualed officially graces the world with its awesomeness. Twelve days to celebrate Elsie and the dystopian that is sure to win a place on everyone's shelves.

So why not start the party early?


On the first day of Dualed, this blogger gave to me...

No, no, I'm totally kidding. No carols included. Promise.

But this blogger will give you something. For a price. Nothing involving money (I'm not shady, okay?) but that will benefit you, me, and Dualed.

I have several referral cards from Random Buzzers. Each has its own special code. When some lucky reader gets a card and puts me (gildedspine) in as their referrer, they will get 20,000 Book Books and a chance at 'buying' some new books from the Buzz Store before the other members have at them.

And for today's challenge, you can win one of those codes.

What's the catch?

You've got to spread the word about Dualed within the next twenty-four hours. Consider it a mission accomplished if you tweet it or Facebook it and someone else gets hooked. Reach out to Elsie and tell her that she's done an awesome job, or you wish that you lived in a world where you had an Alt, or whatever. Show your support, and let me know in the comments how you did it.


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