Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy New Year, Happy New Blog!

Welcome, once again, to a new and improved Watercolor Moods! I am ridiculously proud of my new blog banner, which was commissioned from none other than the brilliant Simini Blocker. By now, most should have been following her on Tumblr – at the least, for the sake of her lovely Eleanor and Park fanart – and if you aren’t, this is a good time to start.

This girl has a gift and I could not be more pleased with how she took a photo and some vague descriptions from my head, and transformed it in a perfect representation of my reading aesthetic.

why i wasn't blogging.

First of all, I think I owe an apology of sorts and an explanation for anyone who was actually following this blog. Last year was very hard for me – as it seems it was for everyone. I mean, what were you up to, 2013?

I was burned out on a draft that just wouldn’t fit together the way it ought to.

And because of my fears over my writing, that endless nagging Imposter Syndrome – am I meant to write? Is this a cosmic sign that I’m pushing the wrong way? – I started to become afraid to read, to pick up a book and be struck through with words that were beautiful and perfect and pierced into a reader the right way, or seeped warm and comforting into their bones like a good cup of tea.

(Yes. Everything does come back to tea for me. And words. Always words.)

In any case, though, 2013 became the year-long reading slump that I could not shake until the final hours of the year. But now, I am pleased to say that I am back, and I also would like to thank everyone who didn’t unfollow me and offered me encouragement while I tried to scrape myself back together.

what i plan to do now.

Watercolor Moods is back, but I am going to be making certain changes to its content and approach.

I’ve always called myself a YA blogger, but as of this year, I will be opening up to middle-grade and possibly a few titles advanced beyond YA (particularly as I broke my reading slump by cutting my teeth on the Discworld series). I will be using a tag system so you can easily find reviews within the category that you are looking for, so please click over to that page for more information.

In addition, I will also be discussing my writing and other crafty, possibly artistic ventures. I am a YA writer, and in many ways, that is starting to come first and foremost over my being a book blogger. I might not venture into my current works-in-progress just yet, but I would like to discuss thoughts about the craft, interesting articles that I think are worth the read, and possibly even reflections from my internship.

I am also going to be introducing a new paid service outside of my work as a book blogger. Please keep an eye out for that as well.

Thank you so much for your continued friendship and support. I  look forward to a new step into blogging, and new adventures in the world of reading!


Rachel Hoyt said...

WOOOOO! YOU'RE BACK! HOORAH! I'm so excited for you and for us! Can't wait to read all of your posts, Kaye! :)

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