Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top Ten! My Reading Wishlist (Calling All YA and Middle Grade Authors)

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So maybe some of you remember last year, when the talented Shae started up the blogger/reader counterpart to MSWL (Manuscript Wish List). I happily rolled up my sleeves and entered the fray, even though I wasn't completely sure what I had to offer to the great ideas already pouring in.

I don't know if it's just me, but usually, if I feel there's a lack of a book I'd like to read, I set about developing an idea so I can write it one day myself. Thus, whenever I'd try to write up an idea, I'd realize that I wanted to keep it for the good ol' idea jar, and ended back up at square one.

However, there's only so many ideas that you can stash away for later, and I'm very sure that there are authors out there better than me who would probably have some really awesome spin-offs on the thoughts roaming through my head.

That being said...

How about some more dark magical realism? I am always, always a fantasy fangirl at heart. But I adore Nova Ren Suma, and I'd like to see some other titles out there keeping Imaginary Girls snug and warm on the shelf. 

Something along the lines of The Secret Garden wouldn't go wrong. I seem to be the only person who has watched and loved the Hallmark adaptation of this classic. There was just this classically pensive air about it, and it really made me fall head over heels for the dark, brooding moors of Gothic literature - but beyond the gloom and the haunted past of the lord of the house and his poor, invalid son, there was also hope sprouting through.

I think we often forget that life is not entirely cynical. We do find happiness. We do find reasons to hope.

And, that being said, more fantasy along the lines of Howl's Moving Castle. It doesn't have to be all love triangles (please, no more) or epic quests. It can also be biting humor and witches and wizards who aren't as grand as they might appear from afar, and a heroine who could be everygirl.

Steampunk that goes beyond Victorian America or England would be grand as well, please and thank you. I mean, surely there were other countries that existed in pre-modern times, right? Frankly, I'm getting tired of gaslamps and clockwork cogs.

I know someone else said this during the hashtag last year, but more cool homeschoolers. Please. If you are writing a homeschooler that is a total dork, cannot socialize, or begs their parents to send them to "regular school with the cool kids," I have to tell you...you are talking out of your hat, sir (or madam). And you can take my word for it. I've been there. Not everyone is miserable, or clinically insane.

How about a cozy YA mystery, too? I grew up on the black-and-white version of Miss Marple, and I have to say, she was a feisty one. Why couldn't that translate to a YA heroine, or even a hero?

More diversity - and more interracial couples that are ACTUALLY interracial wouldn't go wrong, either. During the whole Frozen controversy, someone pointed out how every interracial couple has to involve a Caucasian person. Why can't we think out of the box and open up new horizons? That goes for diversity, too.

Also, stories set in other countries that involve protagonists FROM that country. See above.

More spies. More spies. More spies.

Something else along the lines of The Queen's Thief by Megan Whalen Turner would be really awesome. Please? Anyone? Anyone?

A few complex horror stories - along the lines of anime horror. I am a big fan of series such as Shiki, Psycho-Pass and Another - stories that genuinely make you think over the situation and analyze the characters' motivations, while gasping and clutching at your pearls every few minutes.

Are any of my wishlist items on your list? Any ideas you'd want to add?


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