Tuesday, February 4, 2014

{as i #amwriting} Writer Recharge Challenge

I was fortunate to be on Twitter yesterday in time to catch a tweet from Katy Upperman, in which she described a group challenge for writers that she and a friend would be hosting through February. Pretty much, Writer Recharge is an amazing, month-long motivational event, featuring set goals, accountability and social connections.

That's nothing I can complain about. Often, I feel that writing is a very lonely and solitary business. At heart, that is what it should be - you are bringing the words to the page, and no one else - but it's nice to have company while you do it, right?

That being said, here are my goals for this February:

* Write every day. I want to make 1K my daily minimum. Even if I'm away from the computer, I'll cart a notebook with me and get a head start on those words.

* Finish the current first draft I'm still carting behind me from 2013. I have ten chapters left, as I write this post.

* Start my next WIP by February 12. (I chose that date because it sounds like a pleasant one, for February, at least.)

I'll be posting every Monday, along with the rest of the Rechargers (is that a thing?), up until the 28th. If you're part of the challenge, or just want to hear what I'm up to, I love it when people check up on my writing and keep me accountable.

What are your writing goals this February? Care to share?


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