Friday, October 3, 2014

a change of pace. (but not of face.)

I'm leveling with you guys today.

To be honest, I think you've probably realized it around the same time I have: I haven't been keeping up with blogging, or enjoying it, as much as I used to. For the past year, Atlas-style, I have been crushed under piles of guilt-ridden ARCs and library holds reluctantly returned, unread and possibly overdue as well.

I went to BEA in May and returned with what I felt was a reasonable, manageable stack of titles. Guess how many I've managed to read out of those?

Possibly two, if I'm being charitable with myself.

It's obvious that something needs to give. And for the past few weeks, I was wondering if that would have to be my time as a YA book blogger. After some soul-searching, though, I came to a few conclusions:

1. I still love Watercolor Moods. I love the name, I love the fact that I still have beloved, loyal followers here, and I have a gorgeous banner (if I do say so myself). Also, no matter what I do, I will still be in YA publishing and will always want to talk books in some fashion or another.

2. I need to stop pressing the obligation upon my shoulders to only talk YA books in this space. Or review them. Or feel that I can't talk books unless I have a full-fledged, three inches of a scroll long review prepared to proffer upon request.

3. Watercolor Moods is not something I actually want to quit. It just needs a new change.

That said, here are a few things you should expect this fall as I get back on my feet as a reader and - just in general.

shorter reviews. or, no reviews at all, if i don't feel enthusiastic enough. (and no guilt over a few dnf titles here and there.) I may stop requesting ARCs for my own good, at least until 2015 properly settles in, for the sake of poring over Mount TBR and seeing which titles I actually want to read and champion and which may need a new home, which leads to the next change...

mini-giveaways, particularly focused on nurturing newbies to the publishing industry and blogging.  This is something I've wanted to do for a while, because I know that without the help of experienced friends when I first started out, I wouldn't have ever reached this point where I actually consider myself as part of the publishing industry.

posts that may be *gasp* not just reviews or ya-centric. I'm considering changing Watercolor Moods' aesthetic to more of a photo blog. I finally have Instagram and a dedicated camera of my own. You might see pictures of bookish events I've managed to attend, some prime snapshots of Mount TBR in all its layered glory, and maybe even discussions on the latest video game I've played, adventures in cosmetics and even anime.

Everyone loves anime...right?

For better and for worse, my blog - and my followers - have been with me for the greater part of almost six years. Thank you so much, as always, for your support.

And, as always, if you have thoughts on this new plan, or even just want to sound off and let me know I'm not talking to air (which, you know, is nice and all, but does get some odd stares), the comments are open.


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