Friday, October 7, 2011

Book Blogger Hop! (10711)

Q. Find your favorite [book-related] posts by another book blogger and tell us why you love them!

Oh, this is a tough one. I follow so many amazing bloggers - really, I am so lucky to have found my niche in this community, and I keep getting taught every day by those who are so much better.

One blogger who I always depend on for which books to read (and which shouldn't be touched with a ten-foot pile) is Miss Wendy Darling of Back into The Midnight Garden - most recently, her review of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, which was pretty much enough to scare me away from reading it EVER.

And while we're on the topic of AWESOME book blogger friends I have, let's talk about Dani of Refracted Light. I seriously love this woman. She is amazing, writes awesome reviews, somehow manages to have at least three giveaways a month, and is a constant inspiration to me with the way that she's always campaigning for Indie author's rights.

So yeah. Go check her stuff out too.

This isn't a post from a book blogger, but I really enjoyed author Jessica Spotswood's recent post on the importance of diversity in YA. It's an issue that concerns me both as a reader and an aspiring author. Really worth the read.

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Bethany (youngbooklove) said...

Hey! So glad you stopped by my blog to say hello - blogger hop is so handy for meeting new people :) Your Waiting on Wednesday book, Cinder, looks pretty interesting. Following back!

the Vintage Bookworm said...

New follower! And wow, it's kind of refreshing to see someone who didn't really like The Becoming of Mara Dyer. I've been wanting to read it and I've heard nothing but great things. Sometimes when that happens I get scared. Nothing can be too perfect.

Amanda B. said...

Great post!

Elizabeth said...


Stopping by from the Blog Hop.


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