Friday, October 7, 2011

TGIF! {1}

Q. TBRs - How big is your pile? Which book keeps getting pushed down the stack, but you keep meaning to read it?

Oh, gosh. I knew this question would come to haunt me someday. At least, I can be happy to admit that my pile has (recently) become organized. I'm currently using a crate on the side of my working table to keep all my library books in - pretty much the bulk of my reading supply.

At the moment, since yesterday was my shelf-foraging day (I kid you not, I act like a hunter when it comes to searching for new books. I think I might have scared my YA librarian into making sure the new additions are always where I can see them - or else), I have a total of eight books in the pile. Really, though, they're all so thick that it looks much worse. Next time, I ought to take a picture.

Of course, I also have two giveaway books - and another three on the way - that will need to be accounted for, and at least ten NetGalley copies on my Kindle that I haven't even touched. And if you add all those overdue reviews from this summer to the picture...

*sighs* I'd better go and start writing a few so I can at least be caught up before I turn eighty.

A book that keeps getting pushed down the stack? Well, as a rule, I usually put aside books that our library had for a while, and any books that are sent to me as winnings, which means that I own it and thus it can gather dust until a rainy day slash hurricane slash apocalyptic event when I cannot make it to the library - read: never.

Right now, that's Juliet by Anne Fortier (from Random Buzzers) and The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, vol. III by Diana Wynne Jones (library copy that's a gazillion years old and is always on the shelf, but I can't seem to bear parting with it).

Well, now you know all my deep, dark, disorganized secrets. I'm off to straighten up the pile a little and make it look like less of a Mount Everest.


Steph@TheYAReader said...

Follower #101 :D I have e-books piling up as well! Don't feel alone! The YA Reader

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