Saturday, October 15, 2011

TBR Intervention: Juliet by Anne Fortier

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The goal of this challenge is to help each other (fellow readers and bloggers) manage our enormous and constantly growing TBR (To-Be-Read) List. The rules are simple and everyone is encouraged to participate. It does not force you to commit to more than what you can manage to read in a week or so, but participants are encouraged to read at least one book within a week. You are free to choose the book you want to read and commit to this challenge. You may post your entry every Saturday, at the frequency of your choice–EVERY WEEK or EVERY TWO WEEKS. However, we will sponsor this event regularly every Saturday.
1. Post the book(s) you committed to read in your last TBR Intervention post and tell us something about it. Did you finish it? Did you enjoy it or not? Link to review if available.
Well, I finally got around to reading Eon by Alison Goodman - a book that was actually added to my list a while ago, but I kept dilly-dallying over because of its similarities (at least in character aspects) to the Alanna series by Tamora Pierce, which I have a love-hate relationship with...very long story.
Anyway, surprisingly, I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, despite cringing at character deaths and eunuchs and gender-bending. A bit dry on Japanese culture aspects the author promised, but beggars can't be choosers. Maybe it helped that Eona was completely different from Alanna, despite the whole "hiding your identity to find your destiny" aspect of it. Even if she was a bit clueless at times, I could feel for her and what she went through. I ended the book wanting to know what happened to her afterward - basically, I cared whether she lived or died, which is something that quite rarely happens recently.
There wasn't really a love interest to look forward to - but then again, there's always the next book. ;)

2. Post a book you want to read and already own. Pick something that's been sitting on the shelf too long - six months or longer. 
Hm. Six months or longer. I do have a copy of Juliet by Anne Fortier from Random Buzzers that's just lying there, but that's only been a month or so. Does that count? But seriously, I should pick it up. 
Also, I also have to review that copy of Birthmarked Dani was kind enough to gift me with this summer. See? I haven't forgotten. Not really.

In the library crate, I managed to snag Fox and Phoenix  by Beth Bernobich (thanks to my lovely YA librarian who went ahead and surprised me by giving me the copy first!), Glimmerglass by Jenna Black and Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev - all three of which were major "must get - someday" items on my TBR list.

So yes. There's my over-share for this weekend.


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