Monday, April 30, 2012

All The Books: April 30, 2012

All credit for this feature goes to the lovely Jordyn of Ten Cent Notes; I just happened to love the idea and I hope she won't mind if I borrow it to fill in my Mondays. As you can probably see from her post, All The Books is meant to be a round-up of any book news/excitement over the past week. Since this is the beginning of a new week (and tomorrow, a new month! Five months down, getting closer to the Apocalypse...) I figure that I'll be talking about whatever's happened between last Monday and this one.

Ready? Here we go...

Current Reads

 I've been working my way through both Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare and Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne Jones for the past few days - yes, two books at the same time; don't be jealous, I'm cool like that. 

I was reluctant to start on CA because I felt like it was a bit of a "cult read" - fanfiction and 'ships' and not being able to be proud of the fact that you are the only person in the room that adores that author (really, I am SUCH a book snob sometimes). However, now that I've forced past my own assumptions and gotten into the story, I'm kind of enjoying it. It's one of those reads where you don't have to think too much - and it's steampunk.

Alright, I'll spare you the "why steampunk is the greatest" lecture.

Enchanted Glass, to me, breaks away from what I've normally thought of as a DWJ-style title. Well, if I had to compare it to anything else I've read before, I'd say that it's something like Witch Week - more than one point of view and a bit closer to our world than usual. Not that I'm not enjoying it. We lost a wonderful world-builder last year, and every time I read one of her stories, I feel the loss even more.

Speaking of Diana Wynne Jones, I've watched Howl's Moving Castle twice already since I checked it out on Saturday (which makes it about a gazillion times that I've seen it now). I simply cannot get tired of this movie, or the book for that matter! It's like the one time that I can actually give kudos to a director for making the story just as good, or even better.

To me, it's definitely the sign of being the best when you can make every still look just like a beautiful painting. And I definitely consider Studio Ghibli to be the best. <3

Also, Howl Pendragon is one of my favorite leading men. Even if he can be a coward. And vain. And overdramatic. Those are the most entertaining kind of people, no?

...What else?

I just finished my e-galley of Cat Girl's Day Off by Kimberly Pauley (Lee and Low Books; via NetGalley). It was that light, funny sort of read that you really appreciate around this time of year - end of school exams and all that fun stuff (not). It pretty much centers around a girl who, in a family of powerful Talents (not superpowers - be sure to distinguish that), has the ability to talk to cats.

Yes. Cats.

That actually would be a talent my family would appreciate; the neighborhood cats are constantly prowling around our bird feeder and it drives my dad NUTS.

Anyway, really good book, and (hopefully) the review will be up soon. I really need to up my pace with this stuff. Don't even ask me about my currently daily word count.

New Discoveries

 (Thanks to First Page Panda - so far, browsing their previous title spotlights has turned up some real interesting titles I hadn't even considered!)

Running away to join a circus? For real? If I wasn't already wooed by this, I'd totally be lured in by the fact that none other than Laini Taylor blurbed this. As in, the same Laini Taylor that I would love to blurb any of my stuff in the future. I just love her way with words.

There aren't enough aliens in YA. I'm glad that there seems to be a recent movement to change that. Especially hostile aliens. Those are the best kind.

 Also, I'm so eager to get my hands on The Vicious Deep and Masque of the Red Death - the first because it's about mermaids (my latest obsession), and the second because it's based off Poe and man, when I was in middle school I used to love Poe's short stories. I was a bit of an odd child, as you can probably tell.

Up Next

 We have an interview from Hilary Weisman Graham (author of Reunited!) - learn a little more about this rocking author sometime this week. (I'm not pinning an exact day because chances are my inner rebel will kick in and make me forget it.)

The next reads I have lined up are Death Watch by Ari Berk (which I've been looking forward to for a while), Going Bovine by Libba Bray and Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. Yes, I get to (re)read it before BEA! What would book bloggers do without NetGalley?

Speaking of BEA, it's all I've had on the brain for the past month! I am so excited and so scatter-brained and so worried that I won't be properly prepared. It doesn't help that, right now at least, it seems like I'll only get to go one day, so I have to pick between either Tuesday or Wednesday, and every time I decide on one, I find another awesome event going down on the other day that I simply MUST see.

Oy. I'm not meant for all this anxiety.

Anyways, hope you guys are all having an awesome Monday! How did your weekend go?


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