Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Waiting On" Wednesday: Defiance

Defiance (Defiance, #1)
C.J. Redwine
August 28, 2012

Alright. Today, I am sitting on the hands of my inner fangirl. Already, I'm a little biased about this release as it is because I constantly check on Ms. Redwine's blog and her interviews with other authors and I mean, come on, she loves lemon bars! How can you not love someone who likes lemon bars (which, by the way, I plan on baking tonight AGAIN, but that's another story entirely...).

The truth is, I'm a sucker for a girl who can rock a pretty dress but be totally unbeatable at the same time. (I'm friends with people like that, so believe never gets boring.) Also, a girl who has her heart with her family - besides my siblings, I have a ton of cousins that I count as extra brothers and sisters, and my family is EVERYTHING to me, so I find it a true sign of good character if a heroine doesn't spend all her time pining away over a boy and does care if her father goes missing or her mom is pregnant and has an accident or whatever.

I mean, teens can be selfish - but they can also love.And by love, I don't mean that cute guy next door. I mean absolute love, like you can go to sleep and know that person is watching over you, and they know the same about you. It could be a relative, it could be a friend...but it still warms the cynical little cockles of my heart.

Wow. Looks like that fangirl did escape after all.

Anyway, this is definitely one of the 2012 debuts I'm looking forward to. (And if you have a copy, please let me know so I can bother you about it to within an inch of your life.)

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