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All The Books: May 7, 2012

All credit for this feature goes to the lovely Jordyn of Ten Cent Notes; I just happened to love the idea and I'm glad she's generous enough to share it so I can fill in my Mondays. All The Books is meant to be a round-up of any book news/excitement over the past week. Since this is the beginning of a new week,I figure that I'll be talking about whatever's happened between last Monday and this one.

Ready? Here we go...

Current Reads

Still slogging my way through Clockwork Angel - I have to say, this is the longest I'm taking through a book recently. I can't really complain, though. I mean, I won't say I'm an absolute fan now, but the dry humor and constant action is enough to keep me hooked for now. I also cracked open my copy of Timepiece (Kaleb's point of view for the win!) and I'm hoping that I'll be able to finish it before the release date and rustle up a proper review. 

On the middle-grade front, I completed The Princess Curse by Merrie Haskell - which is basically a mix-up of Beauty and the Beast, The Twelve Dancing Princess, Greek mythology and Sleeping Beauty. Oh, and Vlad Tepes is around too - you know, the real Dracula? That's what you call a hot mess. It sort of reminded me of Ella Enchanted, but with a little less lovability (is that even a word?) - and wow, I'm really hard to please this week, aren't I? I think my main dislike of it was the fact that her dad [SPOILER SPOILER MAJOR SPOILER] and she [SPOILER SPOILER LOOK THE OTHER WAY]. So yeah, don't get all mad at me if you adored it.

As always, I have a ton of e-galleys on the Kindle that need, a) reading, b) reviewing, or c) all of the above. Right now, I'm tackling Shadowfall by Juliet Marillier - my first title by her, and I have to say, I'm not completely sold. I say that, though, after clearing through around 70% of the book, so we'll see what the final verdict is.

Oooh, oooh, oooh...Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas! How could I forget that? It wasn't exactly what I was expecting - I was one of the old Fictionpress readers, and though not much of the story stuck with me from those foggy days of yesteryear, I suspected that the plot needed a teensy bit more revision - but I did enjoy it.

And now that we've gone over what's already been hanging about my bookshelf...

It's time for a new edition of the Library Haul!

Well, the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have it.
So, hello world. My name is Kaye (Hi, Kaye) and I am...oh, don't make me say it!...a book hoarder. Yes, you read that correctly. My reading pile spilleth over - yes, it is seriously a pile, or probably more like a leaning tower - and I still cannot resist the siren's call.

As of right now, I hold the record for the most books checked out from my library. No, I am not kidding. The librarian informed me and then double-checked. Twice.

Anyway, there's no use crying over spilt milk. I stepped into the library today, I somehow wandered into the YA section, and I skipped out happily with eight or so new titles. It could happen to anyone, okay?

I'm not going to flood you with the whole list, but I'm particularly excited for Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin (finally!!!); White Cat by Holly Black; Half World by Hiromi Goto (I <3 Japan. But you probably already know that); and Above by Leah Bobet.

Of course (minor disclaimer here for those who might be salivating at the idea of a few reviews) checking out the books doesn't mean I'll get through them and review them. Right now, at least. I have this habit of hanging onto titles, skimming through them, wrinkling my nose and replacing them in the (wobbling) stack. It takes my mother pointing out that dust is gathering on the covers, or my dad wondering aloud if anything is going back to the library this week, for me to finally make that painful decision to let them go.

For now. If anything, being a reader's taught me that sometimes, a title needs time to grow on you.

New Discoveries (The BEA Edition)

Alright. So everyone's probably sick of hearing about BEA at this point. But seriously, guys, this is like the equivalent of Cinderella's making it to the ball for me. I never expected that my registration would get in, and I definitely didn't think that everyone I know would be so gung-ho about me getting there. There's still some stuff in the air, and June still seems so far away, so I have to keep talking about it to keep it from being a dream.

Also, it seems like I'll have to go one day. And both Tuesday and Wednesday has some AWESOME stuff going on. Yeah, no pressure, right?

Anyway, Publishers Weekly unveiled their Children's Galleys to Grab at BEA list, which is helping me with my little pros and cons .doc I've got going on right now. Right now, topping my personal list is The Diviners by Libba Bray, Crewel by Gennifer Albin, What's Left of Me by Kat Zhang and The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater (one of my writing heroes <3). 

All exciting stuff. Check them out on GoodReads if you don't believe me. 

But seriously, people aren't kidding when they say that you're going to be drawn to a load of books. I was expecting to have a few select titles, a reasonable bundle that can fit into like a messenger bag or something - but it's at least fifty books now.

I'm going to be in reader heaven, that's for sure.

Up Next

BEA planning craziness. 

More reviews, I hope? I promise I don't procrastinate on homework the way I do with blog updates. Much.

Also, that interview with Hilary Graham should probably go up later in the week. I've loved on the blog enough today as it is.

The next books that will probably be lying on my nightstand are Half World and Masque of the Red Death. Probably. I usually end up spilling the entire pile over the floor, closing my eyes and pointing my finger at one of the books. And then re-evaluating my decision when I see another cover that catches my eye. Lather, rinse, repeat, until someone trips over one of them and I quickly choose one and gather them up before any of them (or me) loses a life.

Welcome to the life of the book obsessed.

Happy beginning of Children's Book Week! How was your weekend, and what are you plans for the new week?


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