Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Blog Carnival: The Rummage Sale Booth

It's time to welcome in Spring with a blog carnival! You've stopped in at the Rummage Sale Booth, but there are a bunch of lovely bloggers involved with different "booths" where you can visit and try your hand at winning some awesome prizes!

As you can see here, I'm offering up some older YA and MG releases - the kind that slowly slipped off into oblivion and, by some way or other, ended up in my little collection of bins. Sad, isn't it? But fortunately, you're here to offer them a nice new home!

Let's see. In this bin I have three books - each of them a particular title that you might like to have your shelf. You can see them right here...

Ah, ah, ah, not so fast. These aren't for free, you know. Well, not entirely.

Problem is, I'm not going to tell you which book you've grabbed. You have to guess using a clue I'm going to leave for you. Fun, right? (Not.)  Hey, this is a carnival. I'm allowed to be all mystic and make it a little harder on you.


Best of luck to you! I'll be sitting here waiting for you to resurface.

ETA: Tweets and follows are appreciated, but not mandatory. If you like it, you should put a GFC on it...or something along those lines. Just letting you know.

Also, and more importantly, so far the entries are going along the lines of "I'm placing my entry for Book #2". THIS IS AN INCOMPLETE ENTRY. What I meant in the directions is for you to guess at the title of whichever book you chose, using that little summary/quote I pasted in, and then write in the comments something more like this...

"I'm placing my entry for Book #2 (Book Title by Awesome Author)."

Get it?

So, yes, please do that so you can get credit for the challenge.

Thank you!


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