Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cover Reveal: SENSHI by Cole Gibsen

You've read Katana.

You've heard about a sequel.

And now you're biting your nails while letting your eyes scroll downward, trying to catch a glimpse of the amazing, stupendous new cover all your friends are going to be talking about.

...How did I know what you were doing? Elementary, dear child. It's magic. All in the wrist. And all that.

Anyway, I was super-duper excited when the lovely Cole Gibsen tweeted out a request for bloggers interested in doing a cover reveal for Katana's sequel, Senshi (Flux; 2013). Triple up the excitement when she e-mailed me and offered me a prize pack for giveaway and the cover itself to show my lovely readers!


It really gives off that "bam, pow, pow, you're dead!" old 60's action movie vibe, doesn't it? How exciting is this?! Compared to this, Katana really had a more peaceful vibe going on - back turned, swords crossed, not really up for a fight...

...Or maybe Rileigh just wants us to think that way.

In any case, both are gorgeous covers. Congrats, Cole! And now for you, dear reader, you can join in on the celebration with a giveaway - kindly donated by the author - which is a prize pack of...

An awesome, stupendous Shuriken Hair Clips Prize Pack that includes...

x2 Handmade felt shuriken (throwing stars) hair clips

x1 Silicon SENSHI bracelet

x2 Katana temporary tattoos

x1 Signed bookmark

Cool, right? And it can all be yours (or it could go to some other reader in Anywhere, Ohio...just saying), with just one little fill-out of that Rafflecopter form. Best of luck to you, and be sure to congratulate Cole on the cover!

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