Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Waiting On" Wednesday: Tokyo Heist

Tokyo Heist
Diana Renn
June 14, 2012

Sixteen-year-old Violet loves reading manga and wearing scarves made from kimono fabric, so she’s thrilled that her father’s new painting commission means a summer trip to Japan. But what starts as an exotic vacation quickly turns into a dangerous treasure hunt.

Her father’s client, the wealthy Yamada family, is the victim of a high-profile art robbery. Someone has stolen van Gogh sketches from the Yamadas’ Seattle mansion, and is holding them hostage until the Yamadas can produce the corresponding van Gogh painting.

The problem is that nobody knows where this painting is hidden, and until they find it, all of their lives are in danger. Violet’s search for the missing van Gogh takes her from the Seattle Art Museum, to the yakuza-infested streets of Tokyo, to a secluded inn in Kyoto. As the mystery deepens, Violet’s not sure whom she can trust.

But she knows one thing: she has to find the painting and the criminals—before it’s too late.

Now, if you know anything about me, you probably know that I love Japan. LOVE it. Mostly the history and the ancient traditions, but the new blend between cultures isn't so bad to follow, either. (And I have to say, I do love my manga and anime.) That being said, it's no surprise that this is one of my "gah gimme now" titles for 2012.

The plot sounds really fast-paced and gripping - one of those novels you read along with a mental soundtrack of gunshots, loud explosions and heavy breathing. (No lie - you have no idea how much I get into the worlds I read about.)

Also, there's yakuza in here? Yakuza, as in the Japanese mafia? You know I have got to read this.

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