Monday, February 10, 2014

{as i #amwriting} Writer Recharge Update [1]

Want to know what Writer Recharge is about? Click here to look back at my initial post.

So, we've come to our first update day in the Writer Recharge challenge! I was hoping to steam right into this date like the Little Engine That Could. Well, I have chugged up to the pit stop, but not with streamers and garlands tossed around my neck.

But, it isn't over until it's over, and the 28th is still some ways away.

I have definitely written every day. Since I'm a college student and have other obligations, sometimes - well, most times - it's around the 100-500 mark. The past few days have been particularly dismal in their word count, but as long as I've opened my draft at some point in the day and tossed something in, I don't feel like a complete failure.

I also started up a new notebook for my upcoming WIP, and write a few notes down about it every night - whatever comes to mind and might seem useful later on while I'm elbow-deep in the draft!

I...have still not finished this draft. I am super unhappy about this, particularly as I've passed by my second deadline on this monster. However, like I said before, February isn't over yet, so I'm keeping myself cheerful and just working toward that finish line. I think my protagonist is as fatigued as I am.

But, taking a page from Sara's example, I'm going to indulge everyone with a tiny snippet of what I managed to get in there this week:

If there’s something you should know about the quilting bees, it is that it is very exclusive. You are part of the quilting bee? You are the very inside circle of the gossip mill. Everyone else gets the quilting bee’s leftovers, unless they can help it.
Everyone else looks at whatever house a meeting’s being held in, and salivates in the hopes of getting a royal, gold-inked invitation to talk about others – and not be talked about themselves.

And, save for a few sycophantic daughters I doubt were missed, it seemed like the usual round was all present and accounted for.

I am still planning to start my WIP on the 12th. That is Wednesday, I believe. The notebook, near-complete playlist and bursting-at-the-seams Pinterest is really helping to keep my spirits up and make everything feel very fresh and official. This idea and I have crossed swords before, but I'm hoping we are preparing to meet on better terms, and all this good mojo around it this time is assuring me that we will!

How was your week of writing? Any updates to share?


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