Monday, February 17, 2014

{as i #amwriting} Writer Recharge Update [2]

Want to know what Writer Recharge is about? Click here to look back at my initial post

Update #2, here we are! It feels like I've hardly had a chance to properly breathe over the weekend, with outside classes, homework obligations and just a muddled mind trying to figure out where to even start on my growing to-do list.

Well, let's see how I scored this time.

I did not get to write every day, but I tried my best to. I cannot get to sleep if I feel that I didn't write anything at all, so even if it was a few plot notes in my notebook, I got that down and out of the way.

Fortunately, this week is already off to a more promising start - my WIP draft is actually open today! Ironic that it's a Monday and I feel productive and energized.

I did not finish that draft yet. Please don't look at me. Endings are awful for me, particularly when I really like the voice I'm writing and, possibly in my subconscious, don't want to part from it. But, then again, there's always editing to look forward to, right?

I started the new WIP - that is not so new - on the 12th, as planned. This WIP is an adventure on its own. Remember how I mentioned crossing swords with it the last time around? So far, it's still in a fighting mood and has gotten a few scrapes in - but don't worry, they are only flesh wounds. I'm doing my best to keep an open mind and ignore the mistakes in the previous draft.

On Twitter earlier, Blair Thornburgh mentioned a recent approach to fresh drafting she learned: delete your old draft and start again, and you'll be sure to remember only what's important. It sounds scary, but also effective. Maybe I should try that.

How was your week of writing? Any updates to share?


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