Monday, February 24, 2014

{as i #amwriting} Writer Recharge Update [3]

Want to know what Writer Recharge is about? Click here to look back at my initial post

Wow...are we really on our last week of updates? February, I think you are too short for your own good.

And too busy.

And too snowy.

And it wasn't even a leap year to toss us for a loop.

But, I shouldn't complain. I still like 2014 a lot more than 2013.

So, my final updates for this challenge...

I was not able to write every day last week. homework. I made so many excuses about this last week, but the truth is that being a college student isn't often good for the word count. Technically, I did write here and there - snippets of dialogue and setting notes in the good ol' story notebook - so I guess I shouldn't count myself completely out of things. Still, I managed to get enough out of the way that this week looks very promising - so I'm chugging on!

I have not finished this draft, and that's okay. I'm nearly there, which to me, is all that matters. In addition, my lovely critique partner Amparo (also known as PURE UNADULTERATED AWESOME) sent me an e-mail of encouragement, pointing out that there is a reason why I don't want to part from this protagonist, and reasons why I feel like this draft is not ready to be over.

I'm taking it one day at a time and letting the story weave its way to the ending as peacefully as possible for the both of us. I've found in the past that trying to force an abrupt end leads to unhappiness (mine) and stubborn unmoving wordless blankness (the document).

We still have a few days left in February, and I'm planning to reward myself tomorrow by putting writing first, and homework later.

I am still working out this new WIP. This story has many tangled roads and different voices all clamoring in my head to be heard - but the protagonist herself is very tight-lipped about most things. Still, I am fortunate to have a lot of support behind me, and I'm determined to get through this!

How was your week of writing? Any updates to share?


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