Wednesday, March 19, 2014

{as i #amwriting} Bootcamp Update #2

Last week it was Tuesday, this week it's Wednesday...

What can I say, guys. Genius just can't be rushed.

(Or maybe I just wasn't sure if I'd have enough interesting things to pad this with.)

Moving on...

You know I love my Ghibli.

Yes, we have survived week one and are coasting into Week Two! (Or, nearly halfway done with week two, if you want to rub it in. Go ahead. I won't mind. I know I'm late.)

And, as you can probably tell by that lovely banner, courtesy of teammate Megan, we are now officially named the League of Antagonists! There is just something delightful about being the scheming team of the bunch, right?

And what has Kaye been contributing to this epically wicked troupe? Well, I'll tell you...

I still have not finished the Dragon Draft. I did break through some of the writing slump I've been hopelessly slumping through for the past few weeks, and logged in 2K over the weekend - 1K, two days in a row, people.

Two lovely ladybug stickers. Oh, I nearly cried - except not really, because as beautiful as the moment was, that might be a little too crazy. But those little bright splotches of Spring on my calendar feel like a good omen.

One step at a time. Just a few more chapters to go...

The Asian Fantasy and I are still tiptoeing around each other. After a heart-to-heart with my mother, I've determined to not consider the lack of a complete first chapter for this novel a failure. This is very much my problem child, the story that uproots hidden layers of every insecurity an author can experience without throwing in the towel and taking up a nicer, less judging hobby - like bowling.

Well, I guess people can judge you in bowling, too.

...Knitting? Collecting 99-cent porcelain collectibles?

Anyway, I am not giving up and I am still taking notes. I'd personally count that as progress. Right?

In other news...

The fact that Pinterest has lifted the limit on secret boards has had me sitting on my hands to not make a ton of them. So far, I've been moderately successful. Let's see what the end of the week brings, though. I've been very inspired on a few fronts...

I put out a challenge the other day to give me a word in order to see if I could write drabbles* - something I haven't done for a while. Teammate Lindsey delivered, and I ended up with a little scrap of fiction I might be putting to use elsewhere. If you think you have a prompt for me, throw it my way and let's see what happens!

I've been very fired up recently about cultural appropriation, cultural defamation (see: Alice in Arabia and my impassioned rant about that the past two days to those in the know) and diversity in general. Not that it is new, or actually news-worthy, but it has taken up much of my week thus far.

Plans for this week?

More stickers. Everything should be stickers, and it won't hurt.

I also want to get nearer to the end of Dragon Draft. I feel so close, I can almost feel my mouth forming those two holy words: "The. End."

I've been stockpiling a few writing books, so I'm hoping the weekend - and the new week - shall bring forth new inspiration and tapping fingers.

How was your week of writing? Any updates to share?

*Drabbles - short fiction pieces based off a prompt and whatever my mind makes of it.


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